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Valarie gets approved for an after bankruptcy mortgage

Valarie emailed me a little after midnight, to let me know she’d bought a new house.

After bankruptcy mortgage got Valarie out of the trailer park

When Valarie came to see me in 2010, she was living in a trailer park. Next month she’ll be a homeowner.

When Valarie came to see me in 2010 she was living in a trailer park.  Next month, she’ll be a homeowner.

Her house had been foreclosed, her electric was cut off, and she was making $325 a month payments on a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

That made no sense to her–and it made no sense to me.

I picked up the phone and leaned on her lawyer to dismiss the Chapter 13.   Then, we filed a Chapter 7, which was approved and over in four months.  (The Chapter 13 would have continued into 2012.)

This spring, she told me she was applying for a mortgage–she asked me to answer a couple questions the lender had about how bankruptcy affects mobile homes.  A get a couple calls every month, from lenders working to approve someone I’ve worked with for an after bankruptcy mortgage.

This morning I saw she had emailed me after midnight that she’d signed a contract Sunday and was closing on a new house in June.

I’m so happy.  I love being a bankruptcy lawyer, because I love seeing people put their problems behind him, and build better futures for themselves and their families.

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