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Triangle VA Bankruptcy Lawyer Information

Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Triangle VA?

Hi, I’m Prince William County Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed.

Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed

Hi. I’m Prince William County Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed. I have two locations convenient to Triangle VA. Most weeks, I’m in Woodbridge on Monday, and Stafford on Friday.

The Law Office of Robert Weed has handled six thousand bankruptcies in Prince William County. About three hundred with people in Triangle VA. We’ve done the most bankruptcies of any law firm in Prince William County. More than 600 people have voted us five stars, the most of any lawyer in Northern Virginia.

Two of my four locations are convenient to Triangle.  I hope to see you soon in one of these two convenient locations.   My Woodbridge location, is just off the Prince William Parkway, across from the county building. It’s 4008 Genesee Place, Suite 201.  

Google maps says it’s about twenty minutes from Triangle.

Even more convenient to Triangle is my Stafford office, on Garrisonville Rd. It’s 300 Garrisonvile Rd, Suite 201. Google maps says it’s only about ten minutes away.

Most weeks I’m in Woodbridge on Monday and Stafford on Friday. Val Settles is my full time senior paralegal in my Woodbridge location. AJ Jones is my fulltime senior paralegal in Stafford.

In Woodbridge, my bankruptcy lawyer office near Triangle VA

My Woodbridge office at 4008 Genesee Place, Suite 201. It’s twenty minutes from Triangle. Near the County Building, on the Parkway.

In Stafford this is my bankruptcy lawyer office near Triangle VA

This is my Stafford Bankruptcy Lawyer office, at 300 Garrisonville Rd. It’s about ten minutes from Triangle VA.

Three hundred people in Prince William County have given us five star reviews.  Acquilla, Oswaldo, and Nancy, all from Triangle, gave us five stars.

Oswaldo Triangle VA bankruptcy lawyer review

Bankruptcy Lawyer Review Triangle VA


(For hundreds more reviews, you can go here.  And here.) We know that it’s hard to discuss your financial situation with strangers. Call today!  You’ll like our friendly service with a smile.

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