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Madison emails about the Bankruptcy Means Test

Madison did research on the bankruptcy means test.  Then she emails me for help.

Hello. I have been doing some research and I believe my husband and I should file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy but I’ve taken the means test and our income is well over what I’ve seen the limit for a three household income. I made about $84k last year and my husband made about $35k. But our debt is too extreme for us to be able to handle. If we include our house we have around $300k in debt, without it, we have about $100k in debt. Is there anything we can do being over the limits? I hope you can help us. Thank you. — Madison

I replied to Madison that I hope that I can.

bankruptcy means test

Madison was afraid their family of three had too much income under the bankruptcy means test.

Last year I was able to get almost 130 families approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, even though they were over the bankruptcy means test cut off.  That was thirty percent of my cases.  And more than any other law firm in Northern Virginia.

Each case is different.  That’s why we go over our thirty seven page consultation form when you and I first meet.

We need a lot of information in order to really understand the best way to handle your case.

I talk to people almost every month who have been told by other lawyers that they have to file Chapter 13, because of the bankruptcy means test.   And after our detailed consultation, we can see there’s Chapter 7 eligibility.

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