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Filing Bankruptcy and Sleeping Better

After filing bankruptcy, people say they sleep better. That’s one of the exciting findings of a new survey, done through, of those who filed bankruptcy in 2009 and 2008.

In all, 93% said life was better because they filed bankruptcy.  Nearly all, 88%, said better sleep was one of the reasons why.

Eighty eight percent of people in recent survey said sleeping better was one reason life was better because they filed bankruptcy.

Studies show that financial stress plays a major factor in sleep disorders.

Lack of sleep, in turn, increases your risk of cancer and heart disease, and affects both your mental and physical abilities.

Sleep is so important for everything we do.  So it’s no surprise that people mentioned it as one of the big reasons their lives are better because they filed bankruptcy.

Here is a typical comment from Allana, who filed bankruptcy in the winter of 2009.  “I’m no longer stressed out all the time, I can sleep at night, and I’m just happier in general.”

When the survey asked people what advice they would have for you, here’s what some of them said.

Erik:  “Filing bankruptcy gives you a fresh start and can bring peace to your household.  It was my last hope.  I wish I had done it sooner.”

Diana:  “I am living life again, not stressed and felling hopeless.”

Darren & Naemi:  “We were very scared, but decided to go ahead with our decision; and we are so glad that we did.  Now we can sleep well like normal people.”

Susan:  “Saved my life and made the stress go away.”

The survey comments, looking back over two or three years, are backed up by what people tell me almost every day.  “After I met with your paralegal, I got my first good night’s sleep in months.”

The survey was conducted September – December 2011.  Participants were one hundred eighty four people who filed bankruptcy with the Law Office of Robert Weed in 2008 and 2009.

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