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Emergency bankruptcy filing in Northern Virginia

Here’s an email I got on Friday, March 15 2013.

I started the bankruptcy process with your office in 03/2012 and stopped the process.  That was a wrong decision!!!  My house is scheduled for foreclosure on Monday 03/18/13 and I have tried working with Wells Fargo to postpone the sale.  NACA and Senator Mark Warner’s office also joined me to work with Wells Fargo but they are slow to give me a decision.  Can you help me stop the foreclosure?

That is an easy problem to fix, but not so easy on a Friday afternoon, before a Monday foreclosure.   I do emergency bankruptcy filing when I’m able to, but that Friday I was already booked up.

Bankruptcy should be a last resort. But it should NOT be an emergency. We offer a two part, two hour free consultation. But if you wait until Friday before a Monday foreclosure, bankruptcy lawyer Brian Madden may be able to help you.

Fortunately, I was able to direct Tom (not his real name) to Brian Madden, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer here in Northern Virginia.  Brian takes phone calls until 11:00 PM most weekdays and most of the day on Saturday, too.   He specializes in emergency bankruptcies.

Tom told me Brian Madden was able to help.

Bankruptcy is a last resort, but it should not be a last minute emergency.  It is easy to make mistakes under the bankruptcy law, which was designed by the banks in 2005 to make things hard and trip you up.

That’s why I ask people to fill in my complete forms and take the time to go through our two part, two hour free consultation.  So we can work out exactly what bankruptcy will do for you, in your specific situation.  Taking the time to do it right is one reason my client reviews are so strong.

But if you wait until Friday afternoon, before a Monday foreclosure, you can usually get Brian Madden on the phone and he will try to help you.

(I do take emergency bankruptcy when I can, and when there’s no choice.  I helped a guy last fall who was working temporarily in Boston.  He drove down to see me Tuesday with a Wednesday morning foreclosure.  He missed his Tuesday morning appointment because of traffic, and I was booked the rest of the day.  So he came back Tuesday evening at 7:30.  We got it done before 10:00 PM.  We made some small mistakes because we were rushing, but got the job done and saved his house.  That’s not the best way to do it.)

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