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  • Robert Weed

Before bankruptcy: If I pay off credit cards, can I keep them?

People often ask me if they are allowed to keep a credit card out of the bankruptcy.

If you mean, can a leave one card off the list, the answer to that is no.  Leaving a card off the list is lying to the bankruptcy judge.   Lawyers don’t recommend lying to a judge–the job of your lawyer is to get the truth to work.

(Leaving on card off the list also doesn’t get you where you are trying to go.  When someone accidentally leaves one card off, the card gets cancelled in about week of the bankruptcy.  Why?  Even if you do not list a credit card company in the bankruptcy, your creditors keep a constant watch on your credit report.  That should be no surprise,…  the surprise is that the credit card company then reports the balance as an after bankruptcy charge off on your credit.  You really don’t want that.)

Paid off Cap One $2400 week before–cancelled her anyway.  Not listed in the bankruptcy–they see it on your credit report!

American Express hadn’t used to two months.  Reduced his credit limit from $2500 to $1000.

Kohls/Capital One

HSBC/Capital One  now, too Best Buy

Bought out a lot of HSBC store brand cards…

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