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Ashburn Bankruptcy Information

Looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Ashburn VA?

Hi! I’m Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed. For more than 20 years I’ve helped people in Ashburn solve their financial problems and get a new start in life. I’m the full time bankruptcy lawyer closest to Ashburn. I’ve helped people file bankruptcy in Ashburn since 1995.  

Ashburn bankruptcy rate–one family in every ten since 2007

Ashburn is in the heart of eastern Loudoun County, Virginia.  Loudoun is the highest income county in America.   The median household income in Ashburn is right at $100,000 a year.

So you might be surprised that 169 individuals and couples in Ashburn filed bankruptcy 2013.  That means the Ashburn bankruptcy rate was one of every hundred families.  (In 2012, there were more–the Ashburn bankruptcy rate was one of seventy five families!)  Almost one of every ten families in Ashburn has decided to file bankruptcy since the start of the housing crisis in 2007. Are your surprised?  I’m not.

Ashburn Bankruptcy Lawyer Robert Weed

A thousand families in Ashburn and Sterling have gotten a financial new start with my help. I’ve helped nearly one thousand people living in Ashburn and Sterling get a financial fresh start. I know why even people with strong incomes can need to file bankruptcy.

Many people in Ashburn and Loudoun County have good incomes–but it costs a lot to live here.

The average house payment or rent for a family of four is $2967–that the highest of any county in Virginia.  (Four counties in California are higher.  Nantucket is higher in Massachusetts; Manhattan and two adjoining counties in New York cost more.  One county in New Jersey; and that’s about it.)

The high cost of living is one reason the number of Ashburn bankruptcy filings is two thousand total since 2007. Many people in Ashburn have long commutes–some go thirty miles into Washington DC.  Many pay the extra expense of tolls on the Dulles toll road. Most people in Ashburn are homeowners–the ups and downs of the housing market hit hard here. Many families in Ashburn have children, and children are expensive, anywhere.

Many people in Ashburn work for the technology companies in the area.  Those companies depends on Federal government contracts; and budget uncertainty caused many of the contracts–and those jobs–to be cut.

All those factors explain why the rate of Ashburn bankruptcy is higher than you might think.

Ashburn Bankruptcy Q&A

Question:  Will my bankruptcy hearing be at the Loudoun Courthouse in Leesburg? 

Virginia bankruptcy information fromNorthern Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer

Thanks for viewing my Ashburn VA bankruptcy information web page. If you have more questions, you can ask me, here.

Answer: No.  Bankruptcy is a Federal law. The Bankruptcy court for all of Northern Virginia is in Alexandria.  During the covid emergency, you do NOT need to drive to Alexandria for your hearing. They are doing them by telephone. 

Question:  Can a married person file an individual bankruptcy, leaving my spouse out of it?

Answer:  Yes, it’s no problem for one spouse to file an an individual bankruptcy. But, you are required to do a whole family budget. We need your spouse’s paystubs, along with yours. And we need to do an expense budget for the whole family.

High income people have a special challenge getting bankruptcy approved

Higher income people face a special challenge getting approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The 2005 bankruptcy reform law tries to push all families over the median income into five year Chapter 13 payment plans.  A big majority of families in Ashburn are over the Virginia median income.   But few, when they get into financial trouble, could actually afford a five year Chapter 13 payment plan.  (Most Chapter 13 plans fail.)

I have a lot of experience getting higher income families approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Five of the twelve highest income counties in America are in Northern Virginia.  I have offices in four of those counties.

I do more high income Chapter 7 bankruptcies than any other lawyer in Northern Virginia.   I work hard to get high income and big families approved for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  (If Chapter 7 is better for you, which is most cases it is.)

Here’s a comment from Tara, a resident of Ashburn who filed bankruptcy with me in the summer of 2013.  (For hundreds more reviews, you can go here.  And here.)

Tara, from Ashburn…

The thought of having to file for bankruptcy made me extremely nervous and unable to sleep several nights. I thank GOD that a co-worker recommended that I speak with the office of Robert Weed.  

Starting with my initial appointment, in the Sterling Va office, where I met with staff member Ileana Nunez. I felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders. Ileana made my partner and I feel comfortable. She assured us that the process would go smoothly by taking her time to explain everything in detail and answering any and all questions we had. She has no idea how much her patience and understanding meant to me. Ileana and staff member Veronica handled all my paperwork with care, making sure that I received a copy of everything. Ileana even worked on a holiday to assure that my paperwork was submitted to the court quickly to avoid garnishment of my paycheck, which I could not afford to happen. 

During the court proceedings, I felt proud to be represented by Mr. Weed. He is well respected in the court, obviously because he not only carries the title of a professional, but he wears it well.  Thank You Ileana and Mr. Weed for all your assistance and for making an unpleasant situation, a pleasurable experience.

I highly recommend this firm to anyone who finds themselves in need of a bankruptcy lawyer. Do yourself a HUGE favor, make an appointment with the office of Robert Weed. — Tara, of Ashburn, VA

Nick, from Ashburn …

Excellent customer service

Very professional staff. Welcoming and willing to answer all questions and guide me through this difficult time. They came recommended by a friend who used their services a few years back. Happy I decided to retain them. Veronica was exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. Mr. Weed was detailed and ensured everything was taken care of.  — Nick, of Ashburn VA.

Joel, from Ashburn…

Ashburn review for bankruptcy lawyer Robert Weed

There are no full time Ashburn bankruptcy lawyers.

But bankruptcy is all I do.  And I’m just fifteen minutes away.  You’ll like our friendly service with a smile.

PS Ron from Ashburn “Thanks for getting us back on track”

Ron wrote me one of the nicest letters I’ve received this year.  He wrote to tell me what a difference bankruptcy made in his life.

Ron from Ashburn Ashburn

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Called and asked for assistance with a case that was handled for me five years ago. For a nominal fee, I got just what I needed in a matter minutes. Awesome!CR

by Chris R on 06/08/2020

5 A true advocate

Reached out to his office on Friday afternoon, had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday morning by phone, and only because it was a three-day weekend. Bob provided the counsel…

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Bob and his office have made this whole process such a pain free process. They are highly experience and will get the job done promptly and effectively. I highly encourage anyone…

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