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Lowest rate of bankruptcy dismissed in Northern Virginia

Robert Weed has the best rate of bankruptcy dismissed in Northern Virginia

Just finished checking on the number of my law firm bankruptcy cases dismissed the first three months of this year. (“Dismissed” means thrown out; the opposite is “discharged” which means successfully completed.)

We had 4 dismissals and 90 cases filed—that’s 4.4%. One other lawyer in the top ten, Robert Brandt, was at 5%. How does that compare?

One very busy bankruptcy lawyer around here had a dismissal rate of 40%—ten times (!) what mine was. The next busiest guy’s was “only” 24%. His cases were six times (!) more likely than mine to be thrown out. The next six of the top ten also had a 24% dismissal rate.

Every case is different; sometimes you want a dismissal. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. But the differences between lawyers are really big. Two lawyers of the top ten have dismissal rates of 5% and 4.4%. The next closest, Michael Sandler, is at 16%. The rest are from 20% up to 40%.

4-1-2017 2-29-15 PM

Robert Weed has the lowest rate of bankruptcy dismissed in Northern Virginia. Here’s the chart for January – March 2017.

It’s been this way for years.

I ran the same numbers back in 2012. We were at 4% back then, too. You can read more, here.

Update Year End 2017

In 2017, we filed 338 bankruptcy cases and had 23 dismissals. The low cost leader filed 450 cases, and had 233 dismissed. Just over half of his bankruptcy cases were dismissed!

Update July 1, 2018 Best Again!

Again for the past six months, we have the lowest dismissal rate of any of the top bankruptcy lawyers in Northern Virginia. Our dismissal rate for January – June 2018 is 7%. The other four most popular lawyers around here average dismissal rate of 31%. (I need to emphasize again that not all dismissals are bad. Sometimes there’s a strategy reason why filing a case and letting it get dismissed is the best plan. Also, of course, past success is no guarantee of future performance. Every case is different.)

Fewest Dismissed Means Most Approved

For the entire year 2018, I was third among the bankruptcy lawyers in Northern Virginia in the number of bankruptcy cases filed. But I was first in the number actually approved. Same thing in 2017. Third in total numbers, but first in cases actually discharged.

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