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  • Robert Weed

After bankruptcy: USAA may cancel your car insurance

When you file bankruptcy, most banks don’t take it personally.  USAA does.

If you file bankruptcy on USAA, they will cancel your car insurance.

So if you file bankruptcy on a debt to USAA, they may cancel your membership.  (The small print on their website tells you that you are not really a member of anything.)

Although they are a bank, USAA acts like a credit union.  (You can file bankruptcy an a credit card with Citibank, for example, and still bank with them.  But if you file bankruptcy on a credit card with a credit union, they will close all your accounts and fire you as a customer.)

Eligibility to have their car insurance is limited to service members, veterans and their families.  If you default on, or file bankruptcy on, one of their loans, they can send you a letter notifying you they will cancel your insurance.

People I know who bank or have insurance with USAA, really love them.  So losing that relationship because of bankruptcy, can be emotional.

On the other hand, the world is full of banks.  And there are plenty of places you can get car insurance, too.

So.  If you owe maybe $500 on their credit cards and you want to stay with them,  pay the $500.  Before you file your bankruptcy.  But if you owe $5000, that’s another $5000 you are saving when you file bankruptcy.

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