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After Bankruptcy: Can they turn me away at the hospital?

<h2>After Bankruptcy:  Can they turn me away at the hospital?</h2>

More than half of all bankruptcy is caused by health problems.  Many people file bankruptcy on medical bills, including hospital bills.  (For other people, the medical expenses all ended up on credit cards.)

So it’s no surprise people ask me, “Will I get turned away from the emergency room after I file bankruptcy on the hospital?”

Even if you file bankruptcy on your hospital, they can’t turn you away.

The answer is, no.  First of all, the emergency room is not allowed to turn people away, even after bankruptcy.   Can’t pay–they have to take you.  Not an American–they have to take you.  Illegally in the country–they still have to take you.  That’s from a law put in by Ronald Reagan.

Second, if you have insurance, they are GLAD to take you.  Past is past; they are just glad you can pay this time.

What about your own doctor?  Or dentist?  Or pediatrician?  They usually will take it personally if you file bankruptcy on them.  So I tell people, if you owe a few hundred dollar to your regular dentist, pay him off before we file the bankruptcy.

Suppose you can’t?

If you call your personal doctor’s office up front and tell them what is going on–you are still ALLOWED to pay after your file bankruptcy.  And the doctors I see will almost always work with you if you actually do keep paying them.

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